About me

My name is Mario Punsola

«It is my goal goal to create amplifiers that meet the highest quality standards, and to do it in a flawless manner. Handcrafted, point-to-point wired, no effort spared in order to offer a product which excels in quality and good making. I wish to turn MPF into a brand that is synonymous with lifelong quality.»

During the late Eighties I developed an interest in vacuum tube gear –vintage radios, Hi-Fi and instrument amplifiers…– which led me to acquire all kind of books, magazines, and fascicles so as to deepen into the workings of all this stuff. Then came the Internet, and my tube knowledge skyrocketed.

I started building gear –amplifiers and such–, and pretty soon friends or people I knew would bring their Fender, Marshall or Sinmarc amps to my shop for checking, repair and tuning-up. I learned a lot during that time, and my passion for the ‘tube world’ grew as did the number of my artifacts and experiments. Obviously, my skills never ceased to improve with every new project. Building, repairing, and tuning-up tube gear kept me going for a number of years –and happily so!

This was the perfect hobby for me, and in 2008 I took a step forward and decided to devote myself to it on a professional level. Later on, in that same year, I created my own brand, MPF-SOUND. I began to design my own guitar, bass, and Hi-Fi amplifiers, and right from the start I decided to use only the highest quality components and materials.

«Ten years after my professional take off, I have created a good number of models, and you can find MPF amps not only in Spain but also in many European capitalss and even as far as Australia!»