In collaboration with Jordi Farrés

MPF-SOUND and MELOGUITARS, in collaboration with JORDI FARRÉS, are proud to present the new line of guitar amplifiers MPF/MELO, signed by J. Farrés, for all those musicians looking for quality, musicality and reliability for the amplification of their instruments.

We understand the amplifier as a musical instrument, as it is the guitar. Some qualities and characteristics are indispensable in them, those that allow us to make possible the ideas and sounds we are able to imagine, far beyond labels, styles and times.

Expressiveness, wide dynamic range, balance, vocal and dimensioned mids, a deep controlled bass and clear and nuanced highs, with a round and silky character. A three-dimensional concept of sound and projection, with harmonic content, fast and precise response, and that warmth and subtle compression found in the best historical examples, mantaining clarity and transparency.

A tool that respects the valuable soul of the guitar and the interpreter, each unique and different. Deeply grateful for this tradition, carefully listenned from the begining, obsessively studied with passion and rigor, and now, with the will to be shared.

This line of three amplifiers, the “MINIM”, the “CUBIC” and the “CONCERT” has been designed and built in order to cover the most diverse musical situations, from private studying, small and large venues to the most demanding recording studio work.


From the attentive and sound-conscious student to recording studios. A minimalist design with incredibly rich, big and clean sounds.


Enough power for gigs, with the perfect dimensions and weight for a versatile tube amp. Warm, transparent tones with exquisite response.


Large versatile combo, with enough power for any situation. Capable of achieving excellent sound projection and diffusion.