Classic Reverb 16

1x12 6V6 Class A/B 19w/9w Combo

Meet the new 1×12 Classic Reverb 16 combo amp, lighter than its older brother, and sporting an amazingly clean, rich and balanced tone. Perfect amp for jazz, blues and rock.

Handcrafted using high-end components and materials, point-to-point wiring, and low-noise techniques. With its two 6V6 power tubes working in Class A/B, it delivers 19w of RMS power. Comes with a tube-driven spring Accutronics tank with independent DWELL and REVERB controls


Input Single-channel with one input
Output Two speaker outputs in parallel with 4/ 8/16 Ohm selector
Controls Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, and Master on the front panel. Dwell control on the back
Power 19w/9w (pentode-triode) switch
Tubes 1xECC803s TAD, 1x12AT7 JJ, 1xECC83Cz TAD, 1x12AX7 TAD, 2x6V6 JJ
Cabinet 15mm CNC-machined birch plywood of the highest quality. Front panel special design
Chassis 2mm laser-cut aluminum steel
Measurements 44cm high x 43cm wide x 25cm deep
Weigh 16kg only!
Finiches Covered in high quality tolex. Different colors available


1×12 combo: 2.050€ (VAT included)

Equipped with a Jensen P12N 50w alnico speaker
Optional: Celestion Gold Alnico 50w (€110 extra)

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