Plexiboost 30 Head

EL84 Class A 30W head amplifier

Plexi sound from crystalline cleans to warm, creamy overdriven/distorted tones with plenty of dynamics. Want rock? You got it

Handcrafted, point-to-point wired, using high-end components in order to offer best tone and building quality. The Plexiboost 15 uses 12AX7 in the preamp section, and EL84 in the power stage. Diodes for rectification.

Single-channel design with tube-driven booster via footswitch (included). One pot proprietary tone control with a wide frequency range. Booster has gain and volume.

Electronic master volume lets you go from just 0,2W to maximum power with no change in tone. A series effects loop (active) is available as an option.


Input Single-channel with one input
Output Output Two speaker outputs in parallel with 4/ 8/ 16 Ohm selector
Controls On the front panel: Boost, Boost Volume, Gain, Tone, and Master
Tubes 2x12AX7 (3 with built-in FX loop), and 4xEL84
Cabinet 15mm laser-cut, CNC-machined birch plywood
Chassis 2mm laser-cut aluminum
Measurements 39,5cm wide x 21,5cm high x 21,5cm deep
Weight 8,6kg
Finishes Covered in high quality tolex. Different colors to choose from


Head: 1.800€ (VAT included)

Footswitch for triggering the booster circuit is included
Optional: active effects loop €240 extra

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