2x10 Speaker Cabinet

2x10 Speaker Cabinet for Guitar Amplifier

2×10 cabinet with diagonally mounted speakers and semi-open back panel for a more open and dimensional sound. The most suitable option for jazz, rock, and blues.

Mounting the speakers diagonally contributes to make this cabinet more compact and lighter. It is made of 15mm thick birch plywood, and the dovetail joints add sturdiness. Semi-open back for a more open and dimensional sound. High quality tolex and grill.


Cabinet 15mm laser-cut, CNC-machined birch plywood
Speaker Equipped with two 10” Celestion Gold Alnico cones. It is possible to mount your speakers of preference adjusting price difference if needed
Output 8+8Ohm, 40+40W stereo, or 4ohm, 80W mono
Measurements 56cm high x 55cm wide x 25cm deep
Weight (approx.) 14kg
Finish Covered in high quality tolex, colors to choose from. High quality front grill, leather handle, rubber feet


Cabinet: 980€ (VAT included)

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