Custom Bass


Amp head for both bass and guitar equipped with a pair of 6550 tubes delivering 80W of RMS power

All-tube preamp section. Output stage designed to get a bigger amount of power with only two valves, which accounts for a cheaper and more simple maintenance. This is an amp head for both musicians and recording studios looking for a classic bass tone.

Classic bass/guitar sounds, blackface-style equalization, amp head with professional specs due to its active DI together with a Lundahl PRO output transformer. All hand-made with high quality components. Output stage based on a pair of 6550 tubes working in push-pull with PRESENCE and MASTER controls. Tube-controlled DI with Lundahl Pro output transformer. Excellent signal-to-noise ratio.


Chassis CNC-machined stainless steel chassis
Cabinet 15 mm birch plywood custom cabinet with dovetail joint
Controls On the front panel: GAIN, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE AND GTR-BASS switch (for a dedicated equalization). On the rear panel, PUSH-PULL volume potentiometer for the DI (in normal position the DI works PRE-EQ*, with the knob out it works in POST-EQ**).
Tubes PREAMP TUBES  1 x 12AX7  2 x 12AT7  2 x 6550
Output 600 Ohm balanced output at line level. Pre/Post switch and unswitchable Pin 1 (LIFT-GND).
TRHU output “Thru” output jack (allows for tunes, etc)
Measurements 48 cm wide x 21 cm deep x 21,5 cm high (plus legs and handle)
Weight 13,7 Kg.
Finish High quality black tolex finish (custom choices available)


*In the Pre-EQ position (that is, before the preamp section) the DI output signal stays unaffected by any of the amp’s own controls –a flat tone that best suits your sound board in live situations.

**In the Post-EQ position the DI signal draws from the second stage’s preamp output. So now the amplifier controls (Gain, Bass, Middle, and Treble) are also part of the DI. This is perfect for professional recording studio situations when you want to get the actual tone of a tube amplifier without putting a mic in front of the speaker.


2.170€ (VAT included)​

Price without the DI PRO: 1.950€ (VAT included)

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