Room One

1x10 2x6AK6 Class A 1W Combo

1 watt guitar combo, perfect for practicing and home studio. You’ll be surprised by the tone this small amp delivers as well as by the quality of its sound.

It operates through two General Electric JAN pentode 6AK6 vacuum tubes in the power stage, working in Class A, plus two 12At7 tubes in the preamp and phase inverter sections.

The speaker choice is a 10” WGS Veteran 20w at 8 Ohm. This amp has an exceptional sound quality with a very dynamic tone which offers plenty of body and smooth highs, perfect for anything from pop, jazz, Country or funk to blues and rock.


InputSingle channel with one input
Output4 and 8 Ohm speaker outputs
ControlsIn the front panel: Gain, Bass, Treble, and Master
PowerSwitchable 1w/0,5W
Tubes2 x 12AT7 and 2 x 6AK6
Cabinet15mm high quality CNC-machined birch plywood
Chassis1,5mm laser-cut polished stainless steel
Measurements35cm high x 33cm wide x 21cm deep
WeightVery light at only 7,5Kg
FinishCovered in high quality tolex


1×10 Combo: €835 (VAT included)

Equipped with a 20w WGS Veteran speaker

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